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Play Scarves + Storage Bag for Easy Clean Up : Perfect for Kids Pretend and Creative Play , Dress Up and Childhood Fun , 35″ Large Bundle of 6 Bright Colored Silks by Simply Sweet Fabric

Scarves for Play provide endless, creative and natural fun. The scarves are soft and silky to the touch.

Large in size, 35 x 35 inches, almost a full yard of fabric! Large enough to wrap around a child. Inspired by Waldorf Toys, play silks allow the children to use their imaginations. Use them for capes, dress up, doll blankets, tight ropes, costumes and accessories, and more! Bundle comes with 6 bright colors; red, blue, yellow, green, purple, and pink. Loved by both boys and girls. Not another noisy toy that you will step on in the night and hurt your foot 🙂 Your children will love to dance, move, and dress up with these scarves.

100% soft and silky polyester. Machine wash cold with like colors, line dry.

What Amazon Customers are saying about Simply Sweet Fabric Play Scarves

“We had some silk scarfs but they didn’t hold up long and the colors ran in the wash. We tried some sheer scarfs but the kids learn that they could tear them into pieces. Simply Sweet has a nice sturdy washable scarf that is still flexible enough to tie in a bow or drape over shoulders. They provide endless fun.”

“Excellent imagination toy. The colors are vibrant, they can be squished into a small tea can to be stored, and the wrinkles come out pretty quickly. They have not ripped yet, 5 months later. The stitching is holding.”

“There is hardly a day that goes by that these play silks are not used in one way or another by any of the 4 kids in the house. Even the 14 year old find uses for them. It is just so cute seeing the kids be super heroes, fairies, dragons, bees, and so many things. They have pretend picnics on them, tuck in their dolls and dinosaurs, they make forts by linking them together, they tie them all together to make rope for games.”


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