Bath Toys

Joyin Toy 51 Pieces Educational Bath Letters, Numbers, Sealifes and Transportations Bath Toys with Toy Organizer

Shapes stick to the bathtub wall easily once they are wet so you can spell out whatever you want or just let your child’s imagination run wild.

The colors are very bright which is always great for a children’s toy. 

The bag is pretty good sized. It allows the shapes to dry between uses. It can hold more toys with this set and it would hold all of it.

Kids learn colors, numbers, letters, counting, spelling, sorting, and other wonderful skills with these shapes.

Each soft piece is smooth on one side and textured on the other side. 

Wash, learn & play!

Your child can practice spelling the alphabet, and counting during bath time! The educational foam letters bath set, floats in water and they are designed to be long lasting and durable. There is convenient (18in X 14in) High Quality Polyester Organizer Bag, with 2 Strong Suction Cups that is Included. You can easily attach to bath or shower wall with suction cups and keep all of foam toys in one place. Make bath time both fun and educational.

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