Electronic Pet Dog. Harry Responds To Touch with Fun Puppy Activities, Chasing, Songs, and Dog Sounds.

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Ok here is some detail of what Harry does:

Play toy puppy interactive games as Harry responds to your touch. It is a touch sensitive pet dog for girls and boys. A Smart Robot Dog that barks and walks, yes a toy puppy that barks and talks.

Summary of Activities:

Power button "Hello I am Harry I want to be your friend can we play together .....introduction walking around and have a short song.

You can turn off manually by pressing again or you have Auto off after 30 seconds .... then Harry says "I am tied and will take a nap"

Touch head: Will Play the song "How much is the doggy in the window with children's voice and walks around. Plays songs : Mary had a little Lamb, give a dog a bone, How much is the doggy in the window.

Touch under the tail (backside): Says sorry after "making a sound" and laughs hehehe

Touch top back the blue spot: Plays the chasing game..lets run can you catch me? Plays music and Harry will move with Bump n Go action. Harry will tell you when he can not go anywhere if you block both directions.

Pull tail : Runs away and Harry says "Oh no stop it"

Touch nose or nearby: - Harry says "Oh no who is touching my nose ?"

Harry is a cute robot dog with music and is an educational toy for toddlers ages 2 and up. Like a real dog and fun with autistic children.

List Price: $24.99
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