Chillafish QUADIE + TRAILIE: 4-Wheeler “Grow-with-Me” Ride-On Quad and Trailer Combo, Lime

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The Chillafish QUADIE + TRAILIE is a 4-wheeler "grow-with-me" ride-on quad with an attachable trailer that is uniquely designed to provide a stable platform for wheeled exploring. Made from high-quality, lightweight steel, this ride-on bike takes the 4-wheeler back to its roots; simple and functional, it makes a great first ride for your child. As your child grows the seat also adjusts with them (from 21 cm to 26 cm), ensuring proper positioning and support without the use of tools. The QUADIE seat is also designed with a hidden storage compartment, allowing them to carry a small toy or some snacks along for the ride! The non-marking wheels operate silently, making it functional for both indoor and outdoor adventures. The TRAILIE is a 2-wheeled trailer that's equipped with the same silent, non-marking wheels as the QUADIE. It features a flexible connector, allowing you to simply "click 'n' play" in seconds. This connector is bendable, helping make turning a breeze. The trailer allows for additional storage, so collecting and transporting toys becomes a fun game for your child. Both the QUADIE and TRAILIE feature convenient hand grips, allowing you to easily push, pull or carry them. The QUADIE includes a sticker sheet, allowing you and your child to personalize their ride. Choose from the QUADIE + TRAILIE or just the QUADIE; both are recommended for children ages 1-3, with a maximum weight of 55 lbs.

List Price: $89.99
Sale Price: $82.67
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